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Reports on New App Development Hope Island

The use of apps has revolutionized many areas of business and daily life across the globe.  Below is a summary of the newsworthy App Development Hope Island reports from around the globe:

Airline Apps are on the Upsurge

Apps deployed by various airlines have been on the increase according to a report by USA Today. The average rating between January 2014 and October 2015 showed an increase from 3.2 to 3.5 out of a possible total 5 point threshold.

App Development Hope Island has made vital inputs on how much apps are redefining and changing our way of life across the globe. For airline users, the analysis was based on 30,000 IOS and 20,000 Android ratings by users over the review period. Apps were deployed to pre-order food, track airport directions, book flights, etc.

One interesting fundamental of the report was the noticeable fact that smaller airlines had better ratings from customers than bigger airlines, as they had better grasp of user-responsiveness to the available apps.

The new VEVO on IOS

App Development Hope Island insights on apps development also proved critical on the score of the newly introduced VEVO iPhone app. The new app takes on a new redesign in order to make it quite easy to discover new videos. The app brings to the surface a list of recommendations based on your observed musical preferences which makes it easier for you to pinpoint the pick you enjoy.

When the app is launched, it plays up popular artists so that you can indicate the ones you love while you discard the ones that don’t appeal to you. These suggestions enable the app to decode your preferences and be in a position to make improved recommendations to you over time.
One interesting feature is that you are able to multitask as you watch your videos. Simply swipe down and your playlist is minimized to a corner of the app while you continue browsing.


Giffage is new on IOS and users will find it a big hit. Following through on App Development Hope Island insights on apps, Giffage comes across as an awesome medium to find suitable GIF that you can deploy in your social media chat, post and sundry communication. Gifs enliven communication and can really be a lull breaker.

Giffage offers a unique keyboard with GIF capabilities that is different from your normal QWERTY keyboard. What you need to do is to adjust the settings in order for a better quality of GIFS to appear on the app. As the Gifs take shape, you can deploy them as memes in order to fit into the subject of discourse that you are attracted to. In many ways, Gifs are effective in that images speak louder in some circumstances than a thousand words.

You can activate Giffage by adding it to your keyboard by a stroke of the IOS settings
in order to have it activated. This makes it easy to search GIFs using keywords as you follow trending topics or popular posts on social media.