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The New Trend in App Development

In order to become successful in the field of app development Hope Island, you must first catch the attention of the costumers and find your app a place in the virtual shelf of the app store.  Based on the study, the purchase of the customers is determined by both availability and familiarity.  A consumer will not exert an effort in finding an app that they cannot locate in the market or an app that they have no idea if it exists or not.  This is the primary reason why app developers are spending considerable money on marketing strategies.  They are thinking about ways on how to increase their product awareness and how to turn those leads into sales.

As of July 2015, it is believed that both Google Play and Apple ITunes Store already have 3.1 million apps.  ITunes said that they received a total of 1,600 submissions of new apps daily. There is an incontestable growth in the industry of app development Hope Island.

While there is an undeniable boom in the economy of app development Hope Island, there is also a huge economy challenged by different marketing strategies and money making models.  This models and strategies have been dominated by some of the most popular and the big player in the industry of app development Hope Island.  But lately, the new generation of app developer has been getting the attention of the customers by offering them with the things they want.  Their strategic answering to the demands of the consumer, suffice their lack in the advertisement and discovery category.

Based on the latest study release by Priori Data, a mobile app company that helps app companies and developers understand the revenue in app, shows that there are at least  1,877 app developers who already breached the $1million mark in terms of generated revenue.  Generated revenue includes app purchase and in-game purchases.   There are more than 20,000 app developers who surpass the $100,000 revenue.  Furthermore, the data shows that there are more big companies that are earning less than $500 per month.  Almost 45% of the entire revenue in the app store is generated by the app developer, which is not included in the top 100 app.

But optimizing the app to gain a better visibility on search is not to be discounted.  Based on the study released by Google, almost 67% of the discovery of app came from search.  Some developers tend to spend money and time into optimizing their app because they believe that a higher visibility will increase not only their online presence but also the chance that a user will purchase the app.  Featured App of the week is also a great way in boosting the online presence of their app.  But unfortunately, due to the latest trend, this is not a sign of success.

With the new trend in marketing in app development Hope Island developers and companies needs to revisit their marketing strategy.  The new generation of the app developer was able to meet the funding gap by answering the demands of the paying customers.